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Have I Turned Into An Overprotective Mom?

7 Feb

It would seem reasonable to think you can never be to careful with your new baby, but is it possible to slip into a state of being extremely overprotective without even realizing?

With baby number three I thought the last thing I would be is overprotective. I have already raised two children to adulthood so I could just relax with this one.

Something happened during the pregnancy that changed everything. I began to reflect on my other two children and started making mental notes as to what I might do differently this time. Soon my feelings of taking it easy this time turned into my opportunity to make up for past mistakes.

Being an older mom I began to adopt the attitude that I would make every effort to be the best mom this time. This attitude mixed with the realization that baby number three would be my last made my need to protect this baby more intense.

All of the sudden I found myself not trusting anyone with my baby. I did not even trust my parents who were very involved in helping me with my first two children. My poor husband was walking on eggshells worried he might do something wrong concerning the baby.

Maybe this does not sound too ridiculous for the mother with a newborn baby, but I am still acting this way with my 10 month old.

Unfortunately, I am not sure how to stop being this way. Sure I know I need to relax, but that is just not happening. Although I want to let my husband be more involved, this is his first baby and it takes new dads a while to figure things out.

So maybe I have gone a bit overboard, but she is a happy, healthy, little girl so I don’t feel bad about it one bit! I will relax when she gets older and becomes more independent. Well…. At least I plan to relax.