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I Refuse To Use The Cry It Out (CIO) Method

28 Jan

My daughter is 10 months old and for a couple of months bedtime worked perfectly. I fed her, bathed her, put her pajamas on, nursed her then laid her in her crib where she went to sleep without crying.

I am not sure what happened, but after coming home from visiting family over the holidays she would no longer go to bed as before. Maybe it had something to do with spending the last four nights in the room with mom and dad, but every time I laid her down she began to cry. Not just a little fuss that went away after a minute, but and all out scream.

After putting her to bed I tried to wait a few minutes to see if she would stop, but instead things got progressively worse. Her nose would start running and the nasal drainage caused her to start coughing. When I went in to check on her, I gazed on such a pitiful sight of tears rolling down her red face and a running nose. I offered her some water and realized she was very thirsty from all the crying.

The brainstorming began as I thought about my baby and wondered why she was crying. She did not cry at nap time nor did she cry when she woke up in the morning. There must be a reason that she only cries at bedtime.

Sure I could lay her down like so many suggest and let her cry herself to sleep, but that would not answer my question as to why she was crying. I feel like it is my job as a mother to not stop asking questions until I find the answers.

I began to try other things like an earlier bedtime, a later bedtime and leaving the light on until she fell asleep. Leaving the light on has helped the most and works most of the time, but not every time.

As an adult I’ve had many times I couldn’t sleep. Sometimes I am unable to relax from an exciting or stressful day. I remember many nights when my husband was working out of town and I was alone in a big old house. Even with two guard dogs, all the doors locked and the alarm on I still could not relax. Many a night I fell asleep with the T.V. on as it distracted me from my fears. It was always a relief to have my husband home. Him lying beside me made for a peaceful, good nights sleep.

Then I think about those times I have been upset and cried myself to sleep. Although many of us have done this nobody will say it was a pleasant experience.

Since my little one can’t tell me what is wrong all I can do is put myself I her shoes and wonder how she feels. What if she is scared? If she is scared, what am I doing by ignoring her cry for help or making her cry herself to sleep? How does that effect her trust in me? How does that effect her psychologically?

I am so tired of doctors encouraging moms to let their baby cry. I just read a story about a mother whose poor child cries until she throws up and her pediatrician says not to worry about it that she is throwing up to get attention! Really?? I know young mothers ask for advice, but we must encourage them to ignore bad information even if it is from a doctor. Thank goodness this mother realized the doctor does not have all the answers and asked for advice from other mothers.

My doctor told me to let my daughter old cry it out when she was only three weeks old. I ignored him and then figured out she was getting cold.

Maybe she is crying sometimes because she wants me to hold her, but is that really so bad? She is still a baby and won’t stay that way too long.