Seeking Seclusion

25 Mar

The idea was petrifying at first. A big adjustment was more than I could process. The unknown is always more frightening than reality.

Beach life is a dream in the winter time, but as the tourists begin to trickle in, I realize how my peaceful, empty beach will soon be a congested nightmare.

My secluded piece of paradise is quickly slipping away. As this beautiful beach becomes cluttered by all the leftovers of the day’s visitors, I feel angry. They come to use and abuse her. I wish I could make it stop. Somebody must protect her.

The local businesses thrive on this weeks influx of piranhas coming to feast. They lose me in the process as I’ve grown accustomed to empty parking lots and wait free experiences.

I’m not one to soak up the sun anyway. I prefer a bit cooler weather while absorbing the landscape and salt air.

I never thought it would leave me wanting more. My heart now searches for a more peaceful place. A place that allows me to reflect on my world without interruption. A place that is more secluded.

I’m not sure such a place exist that is within my grasps, but I refuse to stop searching.


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